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Release Date - 1/25/19

Drive trains and build your career in a vast railway network. Make your way through the harshest of railways in old, beaten up locomotives. Sense the fine line between a smooth ride along a scenic route and hurling off a cliff. One thing's for sure - the view will be astonishing. Be inside a cab. Operate controls with your hands. Feel being inside a moving train, even when it derails. Step into the nature and watch trains pass by. Derail Valley is designed right from the start for VR in terms of optimizations, controls and UI. Whether you're new to trains or an engineer veteran, you'll find that it's fairly simple to set the massive vehicle in motion. Keeping it on the tracks and completing assignments however will challenge you.

Review Coming Soon

Derail Valley by Altfuture for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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