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Dick Wilde 2 by Bolverk Games Logo
Release Date - 2/19/19

When the first Dick Wilde game came upon the scene, many VR gamers yawned and sarcastically thought, "Oh great, another wave shooter... just what I've always wanted!" It's hard to blame them for being so apathetic towards wave shooters, because in the VR gaming industry they're a dime a dozen. But the first Dick Wilde game was actually pretty solid. It was colorful, whimsical and fun. Those that tried the game enjoyed it for what it was. Well, publisher PlayStack and developer Bolverk Games are hooking up again for a sequel due sometime this February. The game is headed to all the major VR platformers, and we're anxious to see if Bolverk Games has added any extra surprises to their solid wave shooter formula. Stay tuned!

Review Coming Soon 

Dick Wilde 2 by Bolverk Games for the Vive, Rift and PlayStation VR
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