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Dimension Hunter logo for PSVR, Vive & Rift
Release Date - 9/25/17

Since I've started playing VR, I've grown to appreciate "quick burst" gameplay sessions more and more, and Dimension Hunter is another VR game perfectly suited for this playstyle. This isn't the kind of game that is going to hold you over for months. You can probably beat all the included content in a little over 2 hours. Still, you should have a rip-roaring good time on your way through the game. You'll find it hard not to dance to the upbeat soundtrack as you traverse the comic styled environments shooting the bad guys and having a blast. The action isn't too dissimilar from Super HOT mixed with Time Crisis, although you can turn off the on-rails mode for full locomotion if you like. I enjoyed this game, but at $19 for a little more than 2 hours, you have to decide if the value proposition is worth it to you.

Rating - 85

Dimension Hunter for Vive, Rift and PSVR
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