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Release Date -12/7/15

When I first heard about Dirt Rally coming to VR, I shuddered to think of the awful motion sickness. Rally Cars do nothing, if not bounce up and down and are generally all over the road. If you can even call it a road. Normally a prime recipe for nausea. Truth of the matter is, Codemasters have found some clever ways to try to prevent this. As for the game graphics, well, they are impressive in a subtle sort of way. It's more of a general awareness of everything surrounding the track that makes the whole experience so convincing. I'll never forget the first time I played a track while it was raining. The rain at first seemed so incredibly realistic. Upon further inspection, you realize the simple illusion, but it was one of those "Wow" moments that you rarely get these days.

Rating - 87

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

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