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Release Date - 12/1/17

Fast paced, visceral action, with plenty of hellbent demons and gore every step of the way. There's no shortage of Doom's classic run and gun action, but with new controls. It's not just the same experience we've seen in the past ported to VR. Although, one of the coolest features of this game is that you get to play a couple of classic Doom maps, in VR! Doom VFR allows you to dash in any direction to avoid hits or teleport towards enemies and instantly splatter them into chunks. While teleporting, time slows down, giving you one of the only breaks in the frantic pace to plan your next move. You need to keep moving at all costs as this game centers mainly around movement.  If you quit moving, you'll soon find yourself dead. While only being a couple hours long, there is enough fun here to justify it's cheaper price tag for those not looking for a 5+ hour commitment. 

Rating - 89

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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