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Dreadhalls by White Door Games logo
Release Date - 10/3/19

Dreadhalls has arrived on Oculus Quest, and I'm happy to say that about 90 percent of the PC-VR experience shines through! The downgrades are extremely minor, most players won't even notice them. Developer White Door Games basically designed  Dreadhalls with a specific intention,  scare the living daylights out of anyone brave enough to don a headset! You're walking down these dark, dank  hallways, holding your torch out in front of you, to try to give yourself the maximum illumination. Unfortunately, most of the time, your torch is short on fuel, and your light is flickering and dim .  If occasional jump scares along with a constant feeling of existential dread sounds like a bad idea, then stay far away from this game, because that's exactly what it delivers in spades!  

Rating - 85 

Dreadhalls by White Door Games for the Oculus Quest
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