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Developer - Evolution Studios
Release Date - 10/13/16

If there is one particular genre of gaming that reaps crazy benefits from the move to VR, it's driving games. We all know what it's like to drive a car in real life. In VR, we really buy into the experience, because it's so similar to what we're already familiar with. Driveclub VR is a game that is known to cause some nausea to VR gamers without their sea-legs, but don't give up on it so easily. Many gamers have reported that by their 2nd or 3rd play sessions, nausea was no longer an issue. Although the resolution is very low and everything is pretty chunky with the pixilation, you still get an incredible sensation of presence. Driving along in a convertible while the wind kicks flower petals into the air and you see the petals flowing all around you is definitely a sight to see.

Rating - 88

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