Drunkn Bar Fight logo by The Munky for Vive and Rift
Release Date - 11/28/16

One thing about Virtual Reality that people don't normally think about, is how it can allow you to do  certain activities that would never be appropriate in real life. Have you ever been drinking a beer at a bar, and wondered what would happen if you took that beer bottle, and slammed it into the head of an unsuspecting bar fly? Come on, we've all had that fantasy right? Well, Drunkn Bar Fight is for the degenerates among us that wonder what life would be like on the wild side. When I play this game, I can't help but think of that scene from the original West World movie. They have a classic barroom brawl in that movie, and both of the main characters are just having an absolute blast. That's kinda what you get with this title. My only request is if the developer could add a more arcadey feel to things. Like when you finally knock out a particular patron, it makes a special sound effect and you get a point bonus.


Drunkn Bar Fight by The Munky for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Rating - 82

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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