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Release Date - 9/14/17

When it comes to the VR world, we mostly have two categories. Games and Experiences. It's easy to market and sell games, but experiences can be a tougher nut to crack. Stress Level Zero has crafted a very specific type of experience with Duck Season, that will cater to a very specific type of gamer. If part of your childhood took place in the late 80's, parked in front of the living room TV playing old NES games, then you've come to the right place. This game/experience is an absolute treasure trove of late 80's Nintendo-era nostalgia. You really feel as though you've been transported to an Amercian living room in the late 80's. The game does take on a terror/horror motif towards the end, but I can't help but think that much more could have been done with that aspect of the game.  Part of me feels like the game was just getting started, when it came to an abrupt ending.

Rating - 84

Duck Season by Stress Level Zero for Vive & Rift
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