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DYING Reborn VR logo
Developer - Nekcom
Release Date - 2/28/17

In DYING Reborn, the player becomes an investigator who, using state-of-the-art VR technology, gets to unravel and investigate the case of Mathew's lost sister as well as a series of eerie events following it. By immersing oneself in the world of DYING Reborn, the player will explore a series of fragments that together form 3 chapters of Mathew's story. Those hungry for the complete 6 chapter story can check out the regular PS4 version of the game. Classic puzzle-solving gameplay reminiscent of adventure game classics mixed with impressive first-person visuals that make for a gritty and immersive experience. Fans of movie series such as Saw need to look no further. You'll deal with a mysterious fish-head nemesis, a grudge, a series of never-ending trials and a shocking ending will satisfy all your needs.

Review Coming Soon

DYING Reborn for PlayStation VR by Nekcom
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