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Eagle Flight by Ubisoft logo
Release Date - 11/18/16

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first heard that Ubisoft was creating a VR game in which you play from the perspective of an Eagle. It seems like the perfect recipe for discomfort and nausea. However, Ubisoft has somehow figured out a way to not only allow you to stomach such an experience, but feel a sense of extreme exhilaration while doing so. You soar above an abandoned version of Paris,  that humans have long since vacated. I definitely get a strong,  "I am Legend" vibe with the deer and antelope running wild in the former streets. The only thing missing is Will Smith driving around like a madman in his Shelby Mustang GT500! The graphics are simple and understated, but do a good job of giving you the feeling of being inside a cartoon world. Definitely worth checking out.

Rating - 86 

Eagle Flight by Ubisoft for Vive, Rift & PSVR
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