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Echo Combat by Ready at Dawn logo
Release Date - 11/15/18

Despite Lone Echo's amazing brilliance, some gamers wondered how much better everything could have been with some combat and gunplay. Developer Ready at Dawn was thinking along those same lines, and they have delivered an amazing multiplayer combat game that takes place in the Echo Arena universe. This multiplayer combat is called, appropriately enough... Echo Combat, and it's going to be a major component of Echo VR, which will act like a hub for both Echo Arena and Echo Combat. While Echo Arena is 100 percent free to download, Echo Combat is expected to cost $10. Ready at Dawn recently completed it's initial Open Beta for the game, and it was heralded a smash success. Nearly everyone that got a chance to try the game was blown away by how well everything worked. Some in fact, even consider Echo Combat to be a potential killer app for VR when the final version arrives a little later this year.

Coming November 15th

Echo Arena by Ready at Dawn for the Oculus Rift
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