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Echoes VR by Rogue Titan Games logo
Release Date - Summer 2021

Life on Earth withers, and the last hope of the planet lies deep inside. You are stuck in a system of underground caves, alone in a harsh environment, inhabited by unique vegetation, with creatures unknown to the surface world. You are part of a Ghena recon mission, 6.236 meters beneath the sea. An abyssal beast wrecks your submarine, and you find yourself isolated, lost in an unknown cave network. It’s a secret world, where no man has ever set foot. Echoes VR is an immersive VR-Compatible First Person Shooter that mixes stealth, action-adventure and survival. Your journey is lived through our unique use of VR: grab a gun from your back, take a vial from your waist and use your hand to navigate through your holographic interface.

Coming Summer 2021

Echoes VR by Rogue Titan Games for the PlayStation VR
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