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Release Date - 2/12/19
Eden Tomorrow by Soulpix for the PlayStaion VR platform

Frank Sennholz, the CEO of Soulpix, tried a VR headset back in 2014. He was immediately struck by the power this new medium could deliver. "That's it!" he said to himself, as he pondered the idea of transporting a player right into the story, right into the action. He felt like he glimpsed a part of the future, and he wanted a part of it. It wasn't too long afterwards that Soulpix was born, and they began development on Eden Tomorrow. In this game, you'll explore an alien world as two separate characters. A man, and his drone, Newton. You'll get to view the experience from two unique perspectives. You've crashed landed on a strange alien planet, but you have no idea who you are, or what your mission is. Along the way you'll battle bizarre creatures, and endure challenging puzzles in this interesting Sci-Fi adventure brought to life.


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