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Gunjack by CCP Games logo
Release Date - 3/28/16

Normally, when you think of EVE and Virtual Reality, you think of CCP's other game, EVE: Valkyrie. Gunjack doesn't get a ton of recognition, and it's too bad really, because the package that they've put together for only $10 is quite impressive. You're not getting the full space jockey treatment that you get in the bigger game, instead you basically take the role of a gunner. Similar to Luke and Han in the Millennium Falcon. You're assignment is simple, blast every bad guy out of the sky. The audio in this game is surprisingly good and really helps enhance the overall atmosphere. Graphics on the PSVR version leave a little to be desired, as the background of space looks like wallpaper. Still, overall I'm extremely impressed with what CCP has delivered for a mere $10. It's hard to imagine this game not translating to a very enjoyable afternoon.

 Rating - 84

Gunjack by CCP Games for Vive, Rift & PSVR

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

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