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Farpoint by Impulse Gear for PlayStation VR logo
Release Date - 5/16/17

Farpoint gives us a glimpse at our AAA VR future, but also reveals what's presently holding us back. As you're holding your assault rifle and moving forward on this alien landscape, you'll feel like you've stepped onto the set of Paul Verhoeven's 1997 classic,  Starship Troopers. Initially,  the experience is breathtaking, but eventually, limitations rear their ugly heads and drag you back down to reality. You'll come to realize that you're only moving forward, along a relatively narrow pathway. Enemies never attack from the rear. You don't pick up items and you don't backtrack.  There isn't much in the way of exploration. Everything is laid out in front of you, which is clever way to make sure that the tracking can keep you in it's cone of vision. Still, you'll have brief moments where all of this fades away, and it's just you on an alien landscape, blasting bugs the size of condominiums, thinking... "This is F-ing awesome!".

Rating - 89

Farpoint by Impulse Gear for PlayStation VR
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