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Final Approach by Phaser Lock Interactive logo
Release Date - 4/4/16

Final approach has you managing an airport. Various aircraft landing, taxing, and taking off are all part of the mix. At it's heart it's a causal strategy game.  Very casual. That said, most strategy fans are going to get bored, as the difficulty doesn't ramp up much when you learn a new skill. There just isn't much of a challenge until well after the first hour of gameplay. So the challenge isn't there for hardcore strategy fans.. but is it at least fun? Yes. It's fun and relaxing to see and control the planes flying around you as if you're a giant in a miniature world. Emergencies will pop up from time to time, that you'll have to deal with. At first it's very fun to go from being a giant in the miniature world to entering the "toy mode", where everything is life sized, but this also gets repetitive. There's only a handful of toy mode locations and they lack any real challenge. It's an interesting game, but perhaps more suited for kids or as a short introduction to VR. 

Rating - 70

Final Approach by Phaser Lock Interactive for Vive & Rift
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