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Final Assault by Phaser Lock Interactive Logo
Release Date - 3/21/19

Phaser Lock Interactive has delivered two very solid VR games so far. First up was Final Approach, which was an HTC Vive launch title. It was remixed later down the line and re-released as Final Approach: Pilot Edition. Then they brought us Twisted Arrow, an intense zombie bow shooter. The next game on the docket for Phaser Lock is Final Assault. This is an RTS style game, although with somewhat simplified controls and commands. The killer feature to the game, is that fact that a real-life battlefield scene is taking place all around you (albeit a cartoony one).  You feel like a God that can grab tanks, soldiers and airplanes all while directing the symphony of war unfolding before you.

Review Coming Soon

Final Assualt by Phaser Interactive for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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