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Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep logo for PSVR

Review Coming Soon

Release Date - 11/21/17

If you're not a diehard Final Fantasy gamer, you might have seen the trailer for Monster of the Deep, and thought that this is the dumbest idea possible. Who wants to go fishing with a bunch of dudes with crazy haircuts and zippers everywhere ? Well, here's the thing, if you take a closer look at this game, it actually looks rather intriguing. Even if you've never played a Final Fantasy game, and normally aren't interested in JRPG's, this could still be something to keep your eyes on. Although this is mostly a VR fishing game with a FF XV skin wrapped around it, the scenery in which all of this takes place is quite impressive. Also, you will occasionally encounter giant fish "boss monsters", that will require you to ditch the fishing rod for your trusty crossbow. The game is expected to have multiple locations for the fishing activities, along with new rods and tons of varieties of fish to reel in.


Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep for PlayStation VR
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