The developers of Myst, Riven and more recently Obduction, have announced their newest project. The game is called Firmament and this time it's a VR specific title. Cyan is known for bringing out brilliant puzzle games that can captivate and amaze, and we have to hope that Firmament continues this tradition. VR gamers know that while Obduction, was a very capable VR game, it wasn't actually built with VR in mind. It was converted to VR with mixed results. The game didn't exactly run butter smooth on most PC gaming rigs. Hopefully with Firmament being designed from the ground up for VR, it will be play tested specifically in VR and won't have so many technical issues. Fans of Obduction powered through the problems, because the underlying game was just so good. Hopefully more of the same is coming with Firmament.


Coming 3rd Qrt 2021