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First Contact by Oculus Rex logo
Release Date - 12/6/16

First Contact is a special piece of software cooked up by an internal team at Oculus to introduce people to the concept of the Oculus Touch controllers. You interact with a robot and other objects, but the real star of this show is the amazing lighting that is going on with the game engine. I honestly think this is the best lighting I've seen in a VR experience so far! Valve's Robot Repair probably gets the closest, but I still have to give the edge to Oculus Rex, the internal team responsible for Oculus First Contact.  If only our headsets had much higher resolution, this environment might trick us into thinking it's real life. This is another absolutely can't miss free VR experience. Everyone with a VR headset should try this out if possible.

Rating - 94 

First Contact by Oculus Rex for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality platforms
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