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Football Nation VR by Cherry Pop Games logo
Release Date - 3/6/18

Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 takes 8 football ready enthusiasts running, kicking and sliding into the world’s first FPF (First person football game). A first person soccer game, played in VR where you control the running, dribbling and kicking motions with the unique agile locomotion mechanic, giving you the ability to play a game of five aside football in VR. Play in competitive online 8-player matches with global leaderboards, or invite your friends into a private match for a little friendly competition. Master the training activities offline and with fully customisable game settings you can tailor your agile VR experience to suit you. Football Nation VR is not just your typical football experience, its energetic and fun, an innovative upper body workout burning calories as you play, 

Review Coming Soon

Football Nation VR by Cherry Pop Games for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR
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