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Release Date - 4/7/20

Form originally launched on PC platforms back in 2017. Now it's coming to PlayStation VR.  With the PC-VR version,  the puzzles were simple, which can be good or bad depending on whether you like a challenge or just want to experience the game. However, it's what happens just after you beat a puzzle where the game really shines. The 3D designer and animator, Will Phillips, put some top notch work into this. The setting is a futuristic science based world where you figure out how to use space age contraptions, which move the environment and lighting in very cool ways.  Leaving the gameplay and length out of it, this feeling of being transported into an ultra futuristic science lab is something they nailed. Hopefully the PSVR port will live up to the PC version.

 Review Coming Soon

Form by Charm Games for PlayStation VR
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