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Release Date - Summer 2021

Stranded in a remote mountain facility, you play as a reluctant hero forced into a final stand between the planet and a legion of interdimensional enemies. Take aim and run head-first into the action as you shoot, ski, and climb your way across an extreme adventure. Uncompromised, audacious, and stylish, Fracked grabs PS VR by the Moves and delivers an ass kicking VR game enhanced for PS5. Experience innovative VR gunplay that blends improvised run and gun combat with 1:1 grabbable cover.  Move freely around the battlefield to outflank, outsmart, and outgun your foes using deadly, fully interactive weapons. Fracked pulls the action-adventure genre to revolutionary new heights through intuitive 1:1 VR gameplay, motion control and free movement. Experience further enhancements on PS5. Including improved framerate, loading times and uncapped dynamic resolution. 

Coming Summer 2021

Fracked by nDreams for the PlayStation VR platform
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