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Frankenstein: Beyond The Time by The Dust S.A. logo
Release Date - 8/1/18

Now everyone can go on a discovery quest taking place in a Victorian mansion, where the task is to solve the greatest mystery of Dr. Frankenstein. The game makes innovative use of VR with a well-known hidden object model and crafting simulations combined with the fight against time. Placing these mechanisms in a world inspired by the novels about Dr. Frankenstein provides a unique gameplay in a dynamic world full of adventures. The more we learn about the mad scientist's experiment, the more frightening and mysterious the story becomes. The game is completely immersive thanks to detailed surroundings. From a huge whale’s skeleton to a tiny vial - everything is highly refined to bring about the most realistic of experiences. What’s more, weather conditions affect lighting and reflections, resulting in a dynamic environment becoming more and more dramatic further into stages of gameplay. 

 Review Coming Soon

Frankenstein: Beyond The Time by The Dust S.A. for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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