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Fruit Ninja VR by Halfbrick Studios logo
Release Date - 7/7/16

We've all played Fruit Ninja at some point on our phones, a tablet or some other console. Well, they decided to make a VR version. At first blush, you might think, what a lame concept. Why put a game like that into VR? The thing is, sometimes there is beauty in simplicity. Fruit Ninja VR is one of the simplest VR games you'll find. You're basically slicing fruit with two swords. Not a lot to it, and not exactly rocket science. You do get four game modes however, and one of them is Survival mode. Survival forces you to use accuracy and finesse with all your slices, instead of flailing your swords wildly in every direction. The presentation of the game is top notch. You basically know what you're in for when it comes to a game like this. You either want that quick burst action or you don't. I'd probably score this game slightly higher if it was a wee bit cheaper.


Fruit Ninja VR by Halfbrick Studios for Vive, Rift & PSVR

Rating - 77

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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