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Frustrain by Dmitry Vorobiev logo
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2021

Well, here's a game that's coming out of left field. The idea is that you're on one of the strangest train rides you'll ever experience. A train ride from hell. On top of all that, you've got this interesting, turn of the century, retro Russian circus art vibe that is permeating every square inch of the game. It's no wonder that this production was greenlit for the official Oculus Store, even though the developer doesn't have an official name yet. Oculus could see the potential. Here's a VR experience with some real personality. We don't know much about the developers, other than the fact that they're actually located in Mother Russia, which makes perfect sense. You really need a programmer with that native history to capture the vibe and atmosphere that they're looking to deliver with this title. 


Coming 4th Qrt 2021

Frustrain by Dmitry Vorobiev for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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