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Gene Rain by Deeli Network logo
Publisher - Deeli Network
Developer - Deeli Network
Platforms - PlayStation VR
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2019
Current Price - TBD

Gene Rain is a new game coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year (among many other consoles) from Deeli Network. A VR mode will be available for the game as well as the normal flat version. This game originally debuted at the ChinaJoy show back in the Summer of 2017, and we haven't heard too much about it since, but according to Sony, it's still on it's way to the PSVR later this year. It looks to be a 3rd person, over the shoulder type shooter along the lines of Gears of War. The graphics for the flat version of the game are certainly impressive, so we'll have to hope that the VR version can retain some of those high quality visuals. We'll be certain to pass along more info once we get it.

 Coming 4th Qrt 2019

Gene Rain by Deeli Network for PlayStation VR
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