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GNOG by Double Fine Productions logo
Release Date - 5/2/17

GNOG is definitely one of those kinds of games that you'll either fall in love with, or wonder what the hell everybody else was thinking. One thing everybody should agree on is the fact that this game is absolutely bursting with color. The second thing you'll notice is the amazing soundtrack. You basically have to solve various dioramas, through trial and error. You'll activate various things in the environment, and then see what effect it had. Then you slowly but surely figure out how to solve the puzzle. It's very relaxing and chill, and I found myself marveling at some of the unique designs. There isn't a ton of challenge, and some may simply find the game boring, but I tend to have a soft spot for these out of the box ideas.

Rating - 76

GNOG by Double Fine Productions for the PlayStation VR
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