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Golem by Highwire Games logo
Release Date - November 15th

Golem was a PSVR game that was announced a long time ago, and it seems like it's been delayed forever. Well, now we know the game is coming on November 15th! Highwire Games of course is notable, because it's the studio started up by Marty O'Donnell, formerly from Bungie. The studio also has game designer Jamie Griesemer, known for his work on Halo, Destiny and Infamous Second Sun. The pedigree behind a lot of talent at this studio is part of the reason there was so much anticipation for this game early on. There are some concerns about the gameplay, and it's possible the game was delayed to rework the sword combat. Well, the wait is almost over, we'll see if this game delivers or not...

 Coming November 15th

Golem by Highwire Games for PlayStation VR
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