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Release Date - 11/16/16

You know that feeling you get when you've experienced something that you know is just the very tip of the iceberg? You get that tingly sensation that goes down your arms, and you're almost giddy with excitement? That's the way I feel when I use Google Earth. Google Earth basically allows you to travel around our great planet and explore every nook and cranny. When you first come to the realization of how special something like this truly is, you just start shaking your head, wondering what ramifications  future versions  will have on the air travel industry. If this type of thing gets too good, nobody will have a reason to go on a trip anywhere. Why spend 14 hours on a flight, when you can  visit Egypt and Rome from the comfort of your family room?

Rating - 97 

Google Earth VR by Google for Vive & Rift
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