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Rating - 89

Release Date - July 10th

I have to admit that I was extremely late to the party when it comes to GORN. I knew I had to play this game eventually, because so many VR gamers would not stop ranting and raving about it. Now,  I finally know what all the hub-bub is about! The amazing physics and collision detection is quite possibly the best we've seen from a VR game so far. This is a comedic, gladiator simulator, and good physics and hit detection is an absolute must. Luckily GORN has this in spades. It's extremely colorful and cartoony appearance is immediately pleasing. In fact, the game almost has a Nintendo-like quality to it, which is ironic when you think about how much carnage is strewn across the arena as you play.. If there's a downside to GORN, it's the relatively limited scope of the title. Regardless, if you want some relief from daily frustrations, just play a half-hour of GORN each day and watch your stress melt away in a puddle of the red stuff!


GORN by Free Lives for Vive & Rift
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