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Gungrave VR by IGGYMOB logo
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2018

From the battle with the seed of the past, some time has passed. Mika is having a ordinary life with Grave, who is now retired. However, this peaceful day must come to an end. As SEED Infectees start showing up here and there in many cities around the world, cities get destroyed, lives are ruined, and long gone are the peaceful days. Gungrave VR is being developed by Iggymob and published by XSEED Games. The game is expected to arrive this 4th Quarter for PlayStation VR. The action appears to be focused on both 3rd and 1st person gunplay. It's interesting that both views are going to be available for the game, with each view providing an interesting spin on the action.

Coming 4th Qrt 2018

Gungrave VR by IGGYMOB for PlayStation VR
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