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Gunheart logo by Drifter Entertainment for Vive, Rift and PSVR
Release Date - 7/31/17

If you're looking for a VR game that could give you a Borderlands, or even Destiny-like vibe, then Gunheart is definitely worth a look. While designed mostly as a co-op shooter, the game can also be played single-player style, if you don't feel like having a couple of bros to shoot bugs with. I have to be completely honest, and say that I'm not really a big-time multiplayer guy, so my score for this game might be lower than it would be if multiplayer was my jam. I actually enjoyed playing this game mostly solo, although I did have a few entertaining runs with some randos. My biggest criticism of the game, is that the A.I. for the enemies isn't exactly stellar, and the gunplay doesn't seem as satisfying as I would prefer. The guns sound like pea shooters mostly, and when your bullets hit enemies, it doesn't really feel like they're making actual contact with them. Still, there is quite a bit to enjoy here, so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. 


Gunheart by Drifter Entertainment for Vive, Rift and PSVR

Rating - 82

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