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Heavy Fire: Red Shadow by Mastiff Games logo
Platforms - Playstation VR
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2018
Current Price - TBD

360° White-knuckle action! Use a devastatingly powerful turret-mounted machine gun and rocket launcher to mow down enemies in 360 degrees. Strategically push forward across 8 missions in Campaign mode, or fight non-stop for leaderboard dominance in Endless mode. Call in supply drops and support from elite infantry troops, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, and more. Unlock 30 Field Promotions and earn power-ups to upgrade and customize your machine gun, rocket launcher, health, and support skills. Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is headed to about every platform out there, but so far the only VR version we know of is for PlayStation VR.

 Coming 4th Qrt 2018

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow by Mastiff Games for PlayStation VR
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