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Herobound Spirit Champion by Gunfire Games logo
Release Date - 10/13/16

Herobound Spirit Champion is the very first game from developer Gunfire Games! You might remember that many of the members of Gunfire Games come from the defunct Vigil Games, developers of the Darksiders series for publisher THQ. In Herobound: Spirit Champion, you play as the chosen avatar of the Spirit of Life. Explore the four natural realms in your quest to free the other Spirits. Each time you free one of the captive Spirits, you are granted a magical stone that imbues you with some of their power. Use their powers to face and ultimately defeat the Spirit of Fire. Unlock more of the world as you explore the world “room to room”, earning new powers and items to become the Spirit Champion.

 Review Coming Soon

Herobound Spirit Champion by Gunfire Games for the Oculus Rift
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