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Honor and Duty D-Day by Strange Games Studios logo
Release Date - 2/26/18

Many PlayStation VR fans are ranting and raving about the fast, fluid fun that Honor and Duty D-Day delivers. If you're looking to hop online, into various deathmatch modes against other like-minded PSVR gamers, this is one of the best options available. The low $9.99 price point is another bonus. D-Day features 32 player online matches across 4 maps in both VR and non-VR modes. There’s an additional Battle Royale map which is a separate game mode. Players can choose between 4 different classes and a range of weapons as well as drive vehicles such as jeeps and tanks. It's easy pick up and play nature make's it fun to hop into for a quick burst of action. Of course, mastery, will take many hours of practice and dedication.

Review Coming Soon

Honor and Duty D-Day by Strange Games Studios for the PlayStation VR
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