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Hover Junkers by Stress Level Zero logo
Release Date - 4/5/16

Virtual Reality got it's very first, modern day FPS multiplayer game on the same day the HTC Vive released.  The idea with Hover Junkers, is that you're on a moving platform, speeding around a post-apocalyptic wasteland ala Borderlands. Because you're grounded by the fact that your "Hover Junker" is all around you, the movement is extremely unlikely to cause nausea. The gameplay boils down to constant moving, shooting and reloading. You're constantly moving your Hover Junker craft, while  also moving around your cover, ducking and dodging , trying to get your shots off. This game can be great fun when you can find a game. The biggest problem with multiplayer-only games, is what happens when the community moves on to some other, newer game? Sadly, this fate seems to have befallen Hover Junkers. With no single player campaign or even a bot mode, what are players to do ?

Rating - 78

Hover Junkers by Stress Level Zero for the Vive & Rift
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