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Humanity by tha ltd. and Enhance Games logo

Enhance Games is well known in the PlayStation VR community. If you've played Rez Infinite or Tetris Effect, then you've played a game that was published by Enhance Games. When it comes to Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect, Enhance worked with both Monstars and Resonair. In the case of Humanity, Tetsuya Mizuguchi and company are working with Japanese design firm tha ltd. At first blush, Humanity seems both enchanting and disturbing. Large streams of humans are moving around generic cityscapes like rivers and waterfalls. The trailer looks pretty weird and surreal at times. This game supports VR but wasn't specifically made for VR. Similar to both Rez and Tetris Effect.  It's expected in early 2021.

Coming 1st Qrt 2021

Release Date - 1st Qrt 2021
Humanity by tha ltd. and Enhance Games for the PlayStation VR platform
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