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Hyper Dash by Triangle Factory logo
Release Date - 2/25/21

What happens when you mix Rigs, Sunset Overdrive and Jet Grind Radio? Hyper Dash, that's what. HyperDash is a new arena-based multiplayer shooter that adds a slick, televised style to frenetic FPS style action. The game is called "Hyper Dash", and it's true to it's name by using a dash-based movement system. It also allows you to grind on rails ala Jet Grind Radio or Sunset Overdrive. The game features weapons like shotguns, burst rifles, rocket launchers, burst pistols and a whole bunch more. Adjustable options include: Gun angle adjustment, left-handed mode and smooth turning. Triangle Factory would like to the release the Quest version first assuming it's approved by Oculus officially.


Hyper Dash 68.png

Review Coming Soon

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