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I Expect You To Die by Schell Games logo
Release Date - 5/21/19

Escape Room Games are slowing becoming one of the more popular genres for VR and it makes perfect sense. I Expect You To Die could certainly be considered the most impressive of these early attempts. Using the motion controllers of the Oculus Quest to manipulate objects with your hands is the key to the whole game. Basically, you're put in scenarios in which you're going to die repeatedly until you figure out the solution. It's this trial and error gameplay that is so rewarding. The developer, Schell Games, continues to add and refine to the project. A title that's already known as one of VR gaming's best early releases. The Oculus Quest version is quickly developing into a fan favorite as well.

Review Coming Soon

I Expect You To Die by Schell Games for the Oculus Quest
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