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In Death: Unchained by Superbright logo
Release Date - 7/23/20

In Death is now available for the Oculus Quest. I'm proud to say that Polish developer Superbright hit an absolute home run with the port of the PC-VR Rogue-like classic! While the visuals definitely get a noticeable downgrade, the feeling you get from the core gameplay survives intact! That's the real key to In Death. It was never about the graphics. It's about the feel. The feel is virtually identical to the PC-VR version. My only real gripe is the teleporting shard. It's functionality seems diminished. Still, this game is a crowning achievement on Quest. We're talking maybe one of the 10 best Oculus Quest games!

Rating - 91

In Death: Unchained by Superbright for the Oculus Quest
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