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Ironlights by E McNeill logo
Release Date - 4/9/20

Ironlights is a weapon-based VR fighting game. A game about the clash of steel as you parry and strike, the roar of the crowd when you land the final blow, and the shine of the spotlight as you finally take your place as champion! Skillful, fluid combat: The combat in Ironlights is carefully designed to create a dynamic back-and-forth battle. You can’t just hack and slash your way to victory; instead, you’ll need to think one step ahead of your opponent, parrying their attacks and cleverly slipping past their defenses. Become a champion: Fight duels, tournaments, and exhibition matches as you battle for supremacy in the single-player campaign. When you’re ready, test your skill against other players in head-to-head multiplayer matches!

Review Coming Soon 

Ironlights by E McNeill for the Oculus Quest
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