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IronWolf VR logo by Ionized Studios
Release Date - 3/13/17

With the advent of the HTC Vive and it's  roomscale concept, those of us with larger rooms have been dreaming of what's possible with truly natural locomotion. Nothing is more natural than actually physically walking around in a real space. The problem is, you either need a warehouse to play in, or a confined space within the game world. Ionized Studios realized this conundrum, and thought of a brilliant solution. A submarine game! What's more claustrophobic and tight spaced than a submarine? Even cooler, you don't have to play this game solo. You can play it in multiplayer mode with other Vive gamers in co-op. The only real negative I can say about this game is that it can sometimes be difficult to find other players to game with, without resorting to a 3rd party app like Discord.

Rating - 86

IronWolf VR by Ionized Studios for the HTC Vive
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