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Island 359 by CloudGate Studio logo
Release Date - 8/23/16

The two lead programmers for the Brookhaven Experiment demo decided that they wanted to have their own go at a VR development studio, so they created CloudGate. Then, they quickly started development of Island 359. A total no-brainer idea to mix Dinosaurs and VR, that seemed like a total natural. Instead of a wave shooter like Brookhaven, this game is basically open world. This is where the game encounters some problems. Open World games normally have a ton of different systems running simultaneously, and I sometimes wonder if CloudGate bit off more than they can chew with this one. I will say however that they continue to update the game, and this game will be one of the very first to support Vive Motion trackers to give you a full body VR experience. Kicking Raptors in the face never felt so good.

Rating - 81 

Island 359 by CloudGate Studio for Rift & Vive
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