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Release Date - 1/9/20

The Jurassic World: Apatosaurus VR Experience allows the viewer for the first time to see what it feels like to be in the presence and close proximity of a living dinosaur and to experience a sense of connection with it - with the mixture of awe, striking beauty and danger that this implies. In the Jurassic World: Blue experience, dinosaurs have overtaken the turbulent Isla Nublar, but even worse, the threat of a natural disaster looms over the island. Follow Blue, a highly intelligent Velociraptor, on her quest for survival, using VR to experience her extraordinary sensorial abilities and awareness as she scours for food and water, searches for signs of life, and fights against some of the island’s most threatening predators.

Review Coming Soon

Jurassic World by Felix & Paul Studios for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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