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Just In Time Incorporated by Second Wind Interactive logo
Release Date - July 27th

Just in Time Incorporated combines the pleasant and whimsical production values of Job Simulator, with a slow-mo matrix-like gameplay style reminiscent of Super HOT. You play a "Death Prevention Specialist". It's your job to help bumbling citizens (with coverage) from an often hilarious and untimely death. Your Hyper-Gloves allow you to slow time, and perform amazing feats, like grabbing bullets out of mid-air and redirecting them to new targets. You get around 13 different scenarios to play through, along with a few bonus stages. The devs are hoping to add  additional scenarios in the future. While the game length is relatively short, the standard $14.99 price seems very appropriate. I have no problem recommending this game to any VR puzzle game fans.


Just In Time Incorporated by Second Wind Interactive for Vive, Rift & PSVR

Rating - 83

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