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Killing Floor: Incursion by Tripwire Interactive logo
Release Date - 8/16/17

Killing Floor: Incursion is a powerful new horror/thriller, exclusive to the Oculus Rift, courtesy of Tripwire Interactive. Each month Oculus has been bringing out one big, prime-time release, and Killing Floor: Incursion is certainly that for August. Still, this game brings extreme horror and tension. It can be unrelenting at times, which makes me wonder if there will be some players that just can't handle it. I think the game is pretty freaking amazing, but there are times when it's almost a bit too overwhelming for me. Some of these Zeds just come at you so relentlessly, and with such fury, that you can't help but feel some existential dread while playing it. I had to be in the right mood, and mentally prepared for this game. In fact, I often would psych myself up before playing it, with the attitude that I'm just going to be a monster that kills anything that moves. It can be that intense at times.

Rating - 88

Killing Floor: Incursion by Tripwire Interactive for Rift, Vive & PSVR

(Oculus Rift version reviewed)

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