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Knockout League by Grab Games logo
Release Date - 1/24/17

Knockout League by Grab Games is a very enjoyable game, but it also comes with a stiff level of difficulty. At least at first.. I couldn't beat the second boxer, Crimson Fang, during my first 30 minutes. You can't fight the next two boxers until you beat the "Princess of Punshiment". You'll end up battling 4 total boxers over the course of the game. Tri-Tip (a normal style boxer), Scurvy Jones (a fighting pirate) and Sir Octopunch (an Octopus with an English accent).  In Knockout League,  It seems like you need to hit the opponent perfectly in a set sequence to knock him/her down. I'd actually prefer a life bar that you could whittle down over time. Assuming this gets more content, the game is probably worth it's $20 entry fee. They added a speedbag mini game not too long ago, so it's a good sign for further future content.


Knockout League by Grab Games for Vive, Rift & PSVR

Rating - 84

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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