Last 90 Days - 20 Best Valve Index & HTC Vive Games

Hyper Dash by Triangle Factory is our new No.1 recent release for the Index and Vive. . It's probably better known as a SideQuest release, but it's now on Steam. Coming in 2nd place, is Maskmaker by Innerspace VR. If the developer's name rings a bell, it's for a good reason. These folks created A Fisherman's Tale. One of the better VR puzzlers we've seen so far. Maskmaker is enjoying similar praise. In our 3rd spot, is Warplanes WW1 Fighters. Developed by Home Net Games, this title has really become a fan favorite among the VR community. In our 4th spot is Star Wars Pinball VR. It just came out on April 29th!

[updated monthly - last updated 5/1/21]